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Absolutely Terrible!!!

No Bathroom, No Masks, No Good Deals, No Respect. Cam is like a little girl with an attitude who thinks she’s entitled to everything. He will tell you these shoes aren’t going for much at the mommy but really are so he can lie to you and make more of a profit, basically taking some of your money and your shoes at the same time by stealing them with a very little amount of cash- example: cam: “ here’s $80 for a pair of fresh foamposites, they aren’t going for much at the moment maybe about 170.” Cam will say this so he can give you half and profit the other half but foamposites go for 250 minimum atleast and this situation was with a brand new authentic pair! Cam is a clown don’t even waste your time and energy on this cupcake I took my foams elsewhere because I know what my shoes are worth, 250 minimum kid is a punk and a liar! He’s Not right at all! Seems like a spoiled little B I ✝️ C H ‼️#CamAintShit

Great Store

Excellent Store, Great service, And even better prices. And all the haters are just trying to make this page look bad. DONT LISTEN TO THE HATERS. ITS AN AMAZING STORE. You should make it so only verified orders can write reviews.

More shoes

You barely have any shoes and we watch your videos all the time and you get so many shoes sold to you, but you never put them on your website. I think you should.

Big Fan

Just dropping in a 5 star review to combat all the 1 star reviews.. never bought any sneakers. just a big fan of the channel


Ok... the shop is cool and the prices are decent but I just didn’t feel comfortable while I was shopping. I know this is annoying for you to hear all of the time but you really should wear a mask. I don’t care if u think COVID is fake. All in all, I wouldn’t recommend this if you want to go there to support a local business and build community because there is no community there.


You idiots writing bad reviews just for no reason cannot SPELL for shit! The person that got the virus, because they didn’t have a mask on, but you did? Come on!!!! Also remember you don’t have to take his so called “lowballed” offer, but I get it you need to get that dope, and pay that court cost. IDIOTS

Horrible communication

I’m not trying to bash anyone but I was pretty let down by this store. I contacted one of the employees about a month ago to sell a collection. He has yet to reply. I also traveled an 1hr 30 min to go visit his store just to find that it was closed. There was no notifications online or on the social media’s. It was a waste of time and gas. Do better cam

Yeezy 500

I ordered a pair of Yeezy 500 off the website. Great price! Great service! Just remember as consumers we have the right to shop elsewhere if not satisfied.

Always Great

We have purchased shoes from Instagram and his website and in our experience with Cam’s Kicks, all shoes we have purchased are brand new and all in excellent condition. The communication is always on point and the customer service is always professional and friendly A++
We like that we can find shoes that are now hard to find and also sometimes they have the lowest resale prices for what we want. We will definitely keep buying from Cam’s Kicks as our experience has always been pleasant. Thanks guys! Keep up the great work.


it’s not hard to wear a mask smh. Do your part and wear a mask!!!!


Big Fan of your youtube channel can't wait to visit the shop one day!! Not sure why you are getting hate on your reviews I think what you are doing is dope and prices are fair! Keep making content and increasing your brand you are such a boss at a young age. Will visit soon! Sending love from Bloomsburg PA.

Ps: Take all the negativity elsewhere haters!!!

Cam keep it up your doing great

I been in business 15 years, its sad to see these little punk hating on Cams site trying to ruin it. Cam Do your thing there will always be haters...
just deleted them , do not let them hurt your business. I have many website. If you want advice from a 54 year old take the reviews off not worth it.

Cam got scammed

I went into the store and sold him a fake pair of yeezys 350s. I was surprised he took them cuz my dumb ass got scammed myself. Wouldn’t recommend because if he took my fakes , then what else he took.

No masks

Came in with my kid and nobody was wearing a mask. No employees at all had to take my kid and get him nice shoes elsewhere which was worth it found myself nice jordans at foot locker for good price where employees actually wore masks!

Never Again

Sold me fake jordans that were for my damn son. Never again will I come back this shop is wack like the mother who brought this kid cam into the world cam who looks like he smokes crack

Sold me fakes....

This little punk bich sold me fake yeezys.. do not buy from this kid he sells real looking knockoffs that are probably 20 each and charges you 120 each he is a skum!!!!!! Kids probably a virgin still lmfao super awkward and weird he literally tries low balling you to buy your shoes for $10 less he apparently needs the money talk about a lil broke boy!!! Don’t waste your time, his shop is set up to waste your time and to take your money!

Employees Don’t Wear Masks

Employees wear no masks!!! Cam is the biggest skum there, disrespects Bo by calling him an intern. If he doesn’t care about his own employees, he definitely doesn’t care about you. No employees wear masks, they are all pieces of cams mothers shits. Cam is a skinny little punk twig who doesn’t know how to run a business he runs it off his ego by scamming EVERYBODY, what he doesn’t understand is theres this thing in life called Karma it’s gonna come back to harm ya on its very own ! Don’t support this clown man he’s such a fraud and his parents buy him literally everything he’s spoiled and does NOT need your money or shoes , take them elsewhere he gets on his knees for his daddy so his dad will buy him everything!!! Save yourself the money and time, kid cam is a lil punk bich for real


Stay away from this shthole cams a scum and will rob you for your money, kid doesn’t wear a mask cause hes skum and doesn’t care about you


EVERYONE LISTEN UP PLEASE!!!!! Do not go to “Cams Kicks” Her shop is an extreme health hazard for all ages!!!! No employees, I repeat NO EMPLOYEES understand how to wear a mask. They obviously are not intelligent at all, they lack common sense, they don’t care about your health meanwhile so many people leave this place with COVID because lil girl Cam does not wear a mask and neither do her employees! If you want to keep yourself and your family healthy and safe, Please stay away from this COVID Shop! It’s infested with covid people leave reviews all the time stating they test positive after leaving, the place is dirty and stinks awful like Cams mother! The employees are bags of dirt just trying to rob you and scam you for your shoes and money, if you’re smart stay far away!!!! Cams a Clown

Good customer service

I've bought two shoes from cam ive been satisfied both times keep up the good work fellas.👍

Very professional for young business

Really enjoyed my experience, i found just what I was looking for once I had found it.

Stop buying

They are bad

Screws you

They low ball the shit out of u

all you haters are P***YS

Cam keep doing your thing! all you haters get a life! just trying to make his page look bad. Perhaps set in place only verified purchase can leave review

Bad shoe

Man said try to sell fake shoe man like I get he try to a run a bisness but like my shoe were ain’t fake bro I mean my cousin I gottem and he said they smell?! Bro cmon. I know he lion boy plus he didn’t wear no mask. We got covis an everything and this is how he act?!! I contact poliece abt not wearin no mask and they ain’t even do nothin man. Some world we live in damn